Eating well is a radical act of self-love

My friend asked me to expand upon my last post in which I wrote about eating mostly plant-based—specifically the Medical Medium way.  She feels like if she lived in a bubble, she could alter her diet and be disciplined. And she worries about not eating what people cook for her (tough one!) and not wanting to disappoint others (also not easy.) I’m going to answer over two posts, and this is the first.

The short answer to these questions is that this is your ONE life, and you have to live it how it works best for you.  If eating/living this way makes you feel better—and it will, eventually—then you should eat this way.  Period, the end! 

The longer, more honest answer is that it’s hard.  I still struggle with it after four years.

You’ll have to set boundaries. You’ll have to field a lot of questions. You’ll probably get teased, and may even feel some anger coming your way. Sounds like fun, right? It makes sense that people respond this way though.  Food is such a fraught topic.  It is baked into the fabric of our lives, no pun intended.  It is our entertainment, a huge part of our social lives, our way to cope in a difficult world.  Eating and drinking brings people together. It is a way to show love, to bond, sometimes even to communicate when there are no words.

In my family and in many families, food means love.  So if you choose to eat differently than them, they may take it that you’re rejecting their love. (BUT I MADE THIS FOR YOU! IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE!) So you have to assure them that because you are choosing to eat differently now, it’s not a reflection on them, their choices or their enticing meals.   You have to be loving but clear. As Brene Brown says, clarity is kindness.  Sending mixed signals is not.

As someone said to me about starting my blog, ‘You just have to drink a big cup of ‘who gives a sh*t?’ about what others think of you.  Or maybe you prefer this saying: ‘what others think of you is none of your business.’ 

People are always skeptical of change, and that’s why I would guess that most people find Medical Medium when they are desperate. I certainly did. People don’t want to change unless they absolutely have to.  I was in pain and wanted to be out of pain, so I was willing to try anything. The near-drowning wasn’t my first go-round with MM (see my last post), but the second time was much easier because by then there were books and Facebook groups, etc.  In 20 years, this way of eating will probably be much more accepted. Right now, it’s outside the traditional way of eating, like the SAD (Standard American Diet) or meat-heavy diets the world over.  It’s even different than just veganism.  It’s still in its infancy, so those who partake of it are really pioneers!

Having said all of this:

  • I often fail at all of the above. There are other people I know who are on this program who are way WAY better at following it strictly than I am.  I do need to ask them their secret(s). 
  • I cheat. A lot. Especially in social situations. I’m healed enough to do that now, but it totally catches up with me. And then I have to do a cleanse or just start being stricter again.  (Like I have to do now because I have been slacking the last few weeks.) Being stricter means more celery juice, more juicing in general, more fruit, etc.

When I was feeling really bad a few years ago, it was easier to be strict because I was in pain. Discomfort or dis-ease has a way of keeping you on track, because all you want to do is feel better. And if eating better will help you feel better, you tend to stick to it.  One problem with trying to heal when you’re really not feeling well is that it’s hard to do all the prep work: chopping, blending, juicing, etc.  The juicing and everything else does take effort, and it’s really hard to motivate when you don’t feel well.  The motivation has to win out over the effort.  I’m not gonna lie, that was a difficult time.  It was already stressful because we were renovating our apartment and so we were living in a dingy, dark Airbnb for three of the many months it took to really start feeling better.  I didn’t have (couldn’t have) much of a social life during that time, and I had to find other ways to entertain myself.  The plus side was that I met lots of people online who were going through the same protocol, and who were also pretty desperate to heal.  Most of those people are still mostly on the program and have healed tremendously.

I’ll make another post tomorrow about more practical tips but for now (if you’re still reading) just remember this: you are worth it. You are worth looking after your health. Healing is possible. Glowing health is possible. It may be easier for some than others, but it’s possible. You’re genes aren’t faulty; you’ve just been getting the wrong information.  Bottom line: eating this way, living this way, is a radical act of self-love. Are you ready for that?

My colorful dinner

My simple dinner: lettuce, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and red peppers, with an incredible dressing by FullyRaw Kristina. I was very skeptical about this dressing but it was amazing! It had ingredients like onions and also dragon fruit (I used the powder) so I wasn’t sure how it would come together, but it was an amazing taste explosion. (It’s on her app). 

I started a post awhile ago about why I eat the Medical Medium way, but it’s a long story for another day. The bottom line is that I had a chronic illness on and off for years, and this has been the only way that I stay healthy. I’ve healed enough that I don’t have to follow it 100% and I certainly don’t, but it is a guideline for me and it works. I’ve healed many things by eating this way. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.    

Why I (mostly) eat the Medical Medium way

One of 5(?) books Anthony William has written

I often get a raised eyebrow or two from some of my friends and family when they see how I eat, or more specifically, what I can’t eat. It’s not just due to food allergies or sensitivities; it’s because I’ve been eating the Medical Medium way for almost four years now. And frankly, some people don’t just raise an eyebrow, they get really annoyed.  

You may have heard about Anthony William, the Medical Medium, and how lots of people are doing his protocol for healing a myriad of diseases. If you haven‘t heard of him, perhaps you’ve witnessed the celery juice craze that has hit the USA and lots of other places. That’s because of the Medical Medium (and by the way, many people and most places aren’t doing celery juice properly—it isn’t effective if you buy it off a shelf at Whole Foods. But more on that later).

I started doing the protocol a few years ago in order to optimize my health, and about two months into it is when I would really need it. I almost drowned. We were in the Canary Islands and I got pulled under a wave for a long time. While I was under, I got hit by another wave, (it was like a double wave) and I slammed into a rock.  I *just* made the third wave and swam way out as fast as I could, my heart beating out of my chest. Then I had to wait to come back in, and when I did, I looked down and was bleeding on my legs and foot from hitting the rock.  Not fun. 

The stress and impact of that re-ignited my longtime battle with the Epstein Barr virus. (Anthony William explains in his first book, Medical Medium, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, how EBV has many different strains and phases, and it can hide in your liver and lie in wait until a major life stressor like an accident or a death in the family occurs and then it sees its opportunity to dive right in or activate/reactive.) So I was so grateful I had this protocol to help me fight the joint pain, fatigue and many other symptoms from that time. Overall, from my two separate stints of following Anthony’s lifestyle, I have healed EBV, Interstitial Cystitis, joint pain, unbalanced hormones, and many more symptoms. No matter what you think of the Medical Medium and how he gets his information, you can’t really argue with those results. And I am just one of hundreds of thousands of people who are healing by following his advice. In case you’re skeptical, he features some jaw dropping photos of how people have healed skin conditions and other ‘dis-eases.’

Honestly, the protocol isn’t easy. But I have healed so many issues doing this diet that I just can’t go back to the old way. It is a hassle, it can be expensive, but damn it, it’s worth the health I have gained back. I understand why some people are annoyed with it, because it’s so different than the norm. And food is such a loaded topic in our society.  We socialize around food, we use it as entertainment, use it to stuff our feelings, the list goes on and on.  But, it works for me and keeps me healthy.  So … sorry friends and fam who think I am a weirdo or annoying, but I ain’t going back. (Although I do fall off the wagon a lot, which I’ve done lately. Time to jump back on.)

My story isn’t as extreme as many others’, and I can’t say the protocol saved my life, but it definitely *changed* my life, in dramatically positive ways. And you can’t beat that.